About Us

ReLeaf Kratom is based in Columbus, Ohio.  We pride ourselves on top notch customer service and fast turnaround.  Plus, we carry some unique products that you can only find from ReLeaf Kratom, like ThreeLeaf Tonic, an extract blend made from Kratom, plus Chuchuhuasi, and Cat's Claw, two plants coming from the Peruvain Amazon and showing remarkable benefits!

Welcome to Releaf Kratom!  We value the old cultures. We respect their art, their visions, their harmony with nature, and their ancient knowledge of "teacher" plants. We believe that teacher plants are crucial for the awakening and evolution of mankind. They are tremendously important to culture, medicine, technology and personal growth. The power and potential of these plants must be acknowledged and embraced. In this moment in time, much of humanity has become disconnected from nature. Reconnecting with these plants reconnects us with reality, and re-aligns us with nature.

I found this miraculous plant several years ago and it was several years before I decided to try it.  I have been taking it on a regular basis with periodic breaks for quite some time now and my appreciation and respect for this plant medicine have grown phenomenally! INot only does it improve my mood but also gives me a sense of energy and motivation to get things accomplished.  I also feel that it is very effective for my depression and anxiety and it works wonders for a head-ache or post workout recovery.  I've been able to completely stop taking the medications my doctor had been giving me for those 'ailments' and I have felt better since I quit taking the pharmaceuticals.  I also notice that after about a month of daily Kratom consumption, the effects become sustained and I naturally forget about it for a few days.  

Upon hearing nothing but positive feedback from everyone I know who has tried Kratom and doing extensive research both in the literature as well as experientially, I am proud to offer it for sale in the USA.

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to your thought on Kratom!